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» » Double Your Internet Speed in Just 2 and a half mins

First u need to Go Start> Type cmd in search box> then Right click and Run as administrator.

Then, You will Get the command box appears with administrator privileage.

Step:1  Type C:\Windows\system32>cd/

Step:2  C:\>netsh int tcp show global 

(You can see Tcp Global parameters, with default settings. We need to change these settings)

Step:3 Type > C:\>netsh int tcp set global  chimney=enabled

Step:4 Type> C:\>netsh int tcp set global  autotuninglevel=normal

Step:5 Type> C:\>netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp

Step:6 C:\>netsh int tcp show global

 (we can see the changes in settings of Tcp Global parameters)

Then need to restart your computer.
After the Restart  connect to Internet ,Check the speed difference using

Enjoy… J

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