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How To Earn More Money At Clixsense? – Clixsense Strategy
Clixsense is a website, where we can earn money for clicking ads, doing simple tasks and completing paid offers.Apart from these, there are many ways to earn more money from this site. This article aims to show you how to make a decent income with this program. The basic things to follow for earning money at clixsense are :-

Clicking Ads :   I think you are already familiar with this way of earning money online. You could earn at least $0.10 a day for simply watching all the available adverts, premium members could get a lot of ads to click.

Do Tasks :     You will never think that you are wasting your time at clixsense after learning to do tasks quickly. It depends a lot on the time you invest on it, no other barriers can stop you earn at tasks. One fine day I made $26 only for doing tasks (for 5 hours), but I don’t have that much time everyday. Key is to read the task instructions or examples thoroughly before you attempt anything, you must be careful about your accuracy because you need more than 90% accuracy to cross into the next level and earn even more. At the start I was getting around some 3 or 4 types of tasks to do, but when I completed hundred tasks I was praised with ten times more tasks with higher payments. Remember that you might need to login crowdflower through clixsense tasks every time when doing any work. Some of the examples of tasks are ;  flag adult content from a page, find category of a business website, category of a twitter user (e.g. sports, movies etc) and more.
Also clixsense runs a contest for increasing the members interest on doing the tasks. Top worker of the week will receive a bonus of $50, second winner gets $20, third one $10, and follows until top ten exponentially.
Complete Offers  :     Many people would like these offers which are more than too easy to do, and get paid for simple simple things. There are seven offer providers are currently available at clixsense, those are ; Clix offers , Trialpay, Radium one, matomy, supersonic, super rewards and Token ads. After vising at those options you can see the offers available for you, most of them are free to do , and can be completed in no time. Example offers are ; joining a site , answering a survey, following in social networks, downloading android or pc softwares , and cashback shopping.

Clixsense Bonus :      If you are eligible for the daily checklist bonus at clixsense , as a standard  member they’ll add 6% bonus of that days earnings in your account, for premium members that is 12%. Criteria to get eligible for the daily check list bonus is you must click atleast 2 ads, visit one forum page, either do atleast 10 tasks or two offers and click the clixgrid game for twenty times.

Join Clixsense :

Follow the below tips to earn big money with clixsense.

Upgrade To Premium Membership :
Clixsense has two types of membership accounts for their users. One is standard (free) with low income opportunity, while premium members can make huge money that could even help them to leave their regular job and stick with the computer at home.
First upgrade your clixsense account to premium by paying $17/year. It is very low compared to the money you make later. You can pay the yearly fees through either paypal or payza. If you are unable to do so, then wait until you earn $17 with your clixsense standard membership, and upgrade to premium with that money.
Now, daily click all the ads, because as a premium member you’ll receive more high paying ads.
As a premium member, you can earn 10% of your referralearnings for life time, while for standard members, it is lower than 5%.
- When your referral upgrades to premium, you’ll instantly earn $2.
- When your referrals earn $5 , clixsense will pay you $1 sign up credit.
My Clixsense Strategy To Make Million Dollars :
Clixsense has the world’s best affiliate program. As a premium member, you’ll earn $2 when your direct referral upgrades to premium . If you have 10 referrals who also upgrade their accounts, you’ll get $20 total instantly. But your earnings do not stop here, you can earn affiliate income upto 8 levels and from the second level it is for $1.
Assume that you have referred 10 new people, and each of your direct referrals also refer ten each. Then every referral under you upto 8 levels also refer 10 people . Everyone do not refer new people, but some refer zero, while a few gets hundreds of referrals. Now see the estimated earnings below :
- Total 8 level referrals under you are almost equal to 100 millions. (you can calculate)
- Assume only 1% people will upgrade to premium, then your earnings will be $10,00,000(1 million dollars).
- You can get your unique affiliate or referral link in your profile page of clixsense.
- Meet new people at facebook or twitter, then tell them the power of earning money with clixsense premium membership, also ask them to join via your referral link.
- Tell your friends about it and ask them to join through your referral link.
- After when they sign up , suggest them to upgrade to premium and tell them to read this whole article.
- If your referral or friend do not have a credit card, then you do one thing. Take $17 directly from them, then go to your affiliate option. There you can find a option ‘ upgrade one of your referral ‘, which would cost you only $15.
So your work is to simply refer new people and suggest them to read this whole article. Also tell them to provide this article to their referrals too.    So that you can gain lots of affiliate income from your referrals, as well as it would help them too. 

 Payment Proofs

click here more payments>>>

How To Earn More Money At Neobux? – Neobux Strategy

NeoBux - how to earn money from it and how to manage rented referrals as standard, gold and ultimate member.

Neobux is a way to earn money from the internet by viewing advertisements. All you need to do is to watch short advertisements with timer, when it ends you get credited the amount set for the ad. They are the most respectable way to earn money from the internet with over 19 million people signed up. They started this great website in the 2008 and are paying every time on time since then.
Anyone can join Neobux because it is free to join.

Before you join Neobux you have to open account at
PayPal, Payza or Neteller to withdraw your money. After you register in one of these payment processors just put your email that you use for them in the signup form.
Now you can signup for Neobux from here.

Now just click on 'View Advertisements' tab and click on the add and then on the red dot. Wait for the ad to load and that is all you have won from 0.001$-0.02$

After every paid ad you get 3 Ad Prize ads that you can see below the other ads. These Ad Prize ads can give you at random 0.25$-50$ , 10-10000 neopoints or Golden Membership.

Download AdAlert this is a browser addon that makes sound every time there is new advertisement for you to watch. Use the settings I use for it from Personal Settings

You can earn from direct referrals these are people that have signed up under you referral link. You will get this link after you have seen 100 ads and been member at Neobux for 15 days. You don't pay anything for them. Tell you friends, tell your family, make a website like mine explaining what Neobux is all about.

There is other referrals called rented. These are people that you can rent from Neobux. When you get at first they will earn for you for 30 days. Before their period is over you have to renew them for 15/30/60/90/150/240 days . The bigger the renew period is the bigger discount you will get from the price you pay for them, so it is the best to renew them for 240 days.

The strategy for standard members is to make 4$ from clicking ads and from the 'Ad Prizes'.  Rent the minimum amount of 3 rented referrals and renew them for 240 days after somewhere before their first 30 days expire. Continue to rent 3 referrals every time you have 4$. You also have to recycle the inactive rented referrals to make bigger profit it will cost you 0.07$. If they haven't clicked for 7 days recycle them and get more active ones. You should also recycle them if they have lower than 1.4 AVG (average) clicks but wait to see after they have been your referral for ~10 days. Keep in mind that your main priority is all your referrals to be renewed for 240 days. After all have been renewed than start renting. When you reach 300 rented referrals stop renting and just renew and recycle them.

It is time to buy golden membership when you have reached 300 rented referrals and have enough money for renewing and recycling all your referrals and accumulated 90$ for the upgrade. With it you will earn double the money from your rented referrals and be able to start renting more than 300 referrals up to 2000. Recycle the referrals that haven't clicked for 7 days and recycle the referrals that have AVG less than 0.9 after ~10 days they have been your referrals. Continue to rent bigger amounts of rented referrals at this point you will earn more money and you can rent bigger amount of rented referrals.

After you have reached 2000 referrals and all have been renewed for 240 days it is time to save money for ultimate membership it costs 890$ for 1 year but this will unlock to ability to rent above 2000 referrals. Also after 7 days your referrals will be recycled automatically by the system and it will be free - this means you won't have to give a dime more for recycling. And much more cool stuff like more fixed ads, you can withdraw money everyday... After reaching 4000 rented referrals I advise you to stop renting and only renew your referrals and withdraw the money that are surplus. You can continue to rent even after 4000 referrals but the cost of them starts from 0.6$-1.2$ . There are people with 20,000-25,000 rented referrals. 

Payment Proofs from neobux

Latest Payment Proofs with Huge earnings can see from neobux forum >> Click Here to see More Payment Proofs

happy earning with neobux ..

How To Earn More Money At PaidVerts? – PaidVerts 

The owner of Paidverts is Jo Cook. He also owned another site known as MyTrafficValue. In the past he was founder of Basebucks but right now it is already close. Many people think Jo Cook is scammer because he already closes his previous site. But in real when he closes that site, he pays all due to its members and then only closes it, so nobody lose money that time. So we can't tell him as scammer.

Paidverts was launched at March 31, 2014. So it is very new website but already become too much popular.

What is Paidverts?

Paidverts is totally new work home programs where you can earn upto $50 per one view of 30 seconds advertisement. It is the most high earning PTC (Paid to Click) website till date. Paidverts is the PTC which completely relies on advertisement by advertisers rather than upgrade and RR investment of user. Instead it doesn't have RR, but also you can earn good enough money just by your clicking advertisements and by referring people under your link.
Who can work in Paidverts?
It is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner and professional online workers). To work in Paidverts is very simple. Just view ads. That's all. And if you want earn more, refer people under you link.

Paidverts program details (How can we earn money in Paidverts?)
As we mention before, it’s very easy to earn money in Paidverts. Just by viewing ads. However the value of ads you get depend upon how much points you have.

When you 1st join, you will not get those high value ads. Instead you will get ads from which you earn points known as BAP. More BAP you earn, you have more chance to get high value ads. You will get more BAP ads in the beginning and 100 BAP points every day after. People who have lots of BAP are getting even 10+ USD per click advertisement. The highest value advertisement click till now reported is 50 USD.

You can increase your BAP by viewing BAP ads 1st and after you can buy your own advertisement. You will get 3100 BAP per 1 USD ad purchase. That 3100 BAP will provide you total 1.55 USD worth ads. So it means if you invest 1 USD, in return you will get 1.55 USD and even more. People who have more than 360,000 BAP are getting more than 5+ USD per click ads as shown in the picture.

Even it is very easy to earn only from your own advertisement click without any referrals in Paidverts, but also you can refer more people under you to earn more. Your referrals need to do the same thing which you are doing in Paidverts, just view ads. You will get 10% commissions from each ad your referrals purchase and 5% of each ads value which they view. If you want to know the best place to advertise your Paidverts' link to get referrals then click -->HERE<-- and if you want to know the learn the best way to get free direct referrals in Paidverts or in any program in which you are working or going to work and want to learn every details of Internet Marketing, then click -->HERE<-- 
Free to join or need to pay?
Paidverts is completely free to join and work.

Drawbacks of Paidverts:-
  • Paidverts is new program so it is yet to prove. So, we suggest you to work only as a free user and if you decided to invest money, then 1st earn money in Paidverts and only invest that money which you earn from it or only invest that much amount which you can afford to lose. As soon as you reach cashout limit, cashout as soon as possible for safety.
  • Paidverts also have game section from where you can earn BAP. But all those games are gambling games like in casinos. So, we suggest you not to play those games because majority members have loss too much in that game than gain.
  • Support is bit slowly. Most of the times you will get automated reply about your queries. If that automated reply doesn't cover your queries, we suggest you to keep on mailing them again and again.
To join this new concept work home program, click the banner below:-

Enjoy making Money with Paidverts..