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» » Find My Android Phone! Premium [v10.5.0] (2015)

Find My Android Phone! Premium [v10.5.0] (2015)

If you lose your phone, just send it a message and the program Find My Phone will send you the address and a link to Google Maps to the location of the phone.
Write a message on your phone and it will ring a few minutes at maximum volume, in case you lose your phone somewhere nearby
You can find out the amount of remaining battery power, phone
You can be notified when a new SIM card in your phone


1. Install Find My Phone on your phone. Switch on the GPS
2. From another phone, send SMS with the text "findme" on your phone and start it to track
3. Send a message with the text "ringaloud" on your phone, so he began to call

What's new in version

Increased accuracy of positioning
Fixed bugs


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