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50 Top High Paying Google AdSense Keywords List

Review of: Top high paying Google adsense keywords
Siraj Mahmood
Reviewed by: 
On Jan 5, 2015
Last modified:Apr 25, 2015


Top high paying Google AdSense keywords for blogging journey. Google best high paying keywords to increase your AdSense earnings. Increase AdSense revenue.
More DetailsNew beginners, Who have no perceive about AdSense earnings and its fundamentals. They invariably try to get luxurious income but this is look like a dream from him. Google AdSense pays of his publishers according to PPC  (Pay Per Click) model. Today we will discuss top high paying Google AdSense keywords list forsuccessful blogging journey. These high paying Google AdSense keywords will help you to find your new articles theme and will also improve website traffic as much possible.
High Paying Google AdSense Keywords
Numerous blogger claims that, Google doesn’t pay enough as expectation. Suppose John have a blog and receive 1500 visitors/Per day and his AdSense account made only 2$ so, its look like a tragic moments for his blog long career.  Can john imagine that, 2$ is an achievement goal ? Definitely NOT !!
As we know that, almost blogger doesn’t determine the article/post tendency,worth,trends and much more aspects. Google Adsense earnings depends on CPC (Click Through Rate), Every single keyword have a CPC high or Low. Some keywords have huge numbers of traffic but CPC low and Some have small numbers of traffic but CPC is high. I have an appropriate collection of high paying Google AdSense keywords, which can help you to increase your AdSense earnings. Review the top 50 high paying keywords list below,
High Paying Google AdSense Keywords:
  1. Online casino (110$)
  2. Casino (100$)
  3. Mobile casino (90$)
  4. Make money online Australia (85$)
  5. Casino reviews (54$)
  6. Live casino (50$)
  7. DUI lawyer (47$)
  8. Hire php developers (46$)
  9. Hire php programmers (38$)
  10. Dwi lawyer (38$)
  11. Criminal lawyer (30$)
  12. Service business software (29$)
  13. Criminal defense lawyer (28$)
  14. Php programmers for hire (28$)
  15. Hire php developer (26$)
  16. Bankruptcy lawyer (23$)
  17. Computer science classes online (23$)
  18. Php programmers (21$)
  19. Seo companies (20$)
  20. Best social media platforms for business (20$)
  21. New social media platforms (20$)
  22. Business finance group (20$)
  23. Social media platforms for business (16$)
  24. Custom WordPress theme designer (16$)
  25. Seo services (16$)
  26. Best Seo company (16$)
  27. Business management software (15$)
  28. Best social media platforms (15$)
  29. Seo company (15$)
  30. Online Christmas cards (14$)
  31. Custom Christmas cards (14$)
  32. Photo Christmas cards (13$)
  33. WordPress themes for designers (13$)
  34. WordPress hosting (13$)
  35. Psd to WordPress (12$)
  36. Social media examiner (12$)
  37. Social media management (12$)
  38. Tech school (12$)
  39. Html email (11$)
  40. Social media platforms (11$)
  41. Christmas cards (11$)
  42. Proud Italian cook (11$)
  43. Psd to html (10$)
  44. Italian cooking school (10$)
  45. WordPress theme designers (10$)
  46. Adobe illustrator classes (10$)
  47. Social media strategies (10$)
  48. Learning adobe illustrator (9$)
  49. Social media tools (9$)
  50. Social media campaigns (9$)
Do you know, How these keywords are so precious until few part of keywords have small numbers of traffic. The reason behind this story is that, Competition among advertisers on these precious keywords. Advertisers biding on these keywords through Google AdWords so, sometimes biding cross advertisers budget level and this fluctuation is continuously running there. That is why , Google automatically modify your biding rate while running campaigns. Remember that, Google must ask to advertisers before going to suggested biding mode.

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