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3D Video Conversion

Convert video in any format to 3D

Most 3D movies these days weren't actually shot in 3D but were converted to 3D after everything was shot. Lucasfilm once announced that they would be doing the same thing with all six "Star Wars" films. Why wait?

Convert DVDs to 3D

Rip video from unencrypted DVDs* and convert to 3D the entire DVD movie or individual DVD chapters. Movavi Video Converter 3D features quality lossless transference of multichannel audio from DVD when you rip video and convert to AVI format.
* This is the law: make sure you have the rights to distribute and modify any content that you create with Movavi. Movavi software can't be used to convert or edit copyrighted videos and DVDs.
Movavi Video Converter also provides the ability to download videos from video sharing websites like YouTube and record video to CD / DVD in record mode video converter gives you full control the burning process. 

Lastly, Movavi Video Converter has editing features such as Split, Merge, Crop, Rotate, Adjust, Add Watermark and Photo Gallery. You can also use the editing tools of the converter at your disposal to refine and improve the quality of your videos.


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