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» » » » How to be Easily Accepted or register in Fileice 2013

Step by Step How to be Accepted in Fileice [Fileice is harder than Google Adsense Regarding getting Accepted]be Carefull follow step by step to get Accepted

2. Click Register

3.Input Verification Code and Check TOS


- Your Username
- Your Full Name
- Email Address
- Password
- Confirm Password

And then Click “Next”

5. Input

- City
- State/Province
- Zip/Postal Code

And then Click “Next”

6 .Choose To Upload an Earn Money

input the url website / blog if you have (if not skip this step)
- If you enter your website address then click verify and follow the next steps
- Check Box  I don't have a website. If this option is selected, please explain in detail below
how you intend to obtain traffic and monetize your content without a website.) 
If you do not enter your website address

See the Picture Below :

Step7 : Copy/Paste words below to form OR use Copy/Paste  FILEICE APPLICATION

I will promote fileice to youtubefacebooktwitterand forums I have signed up to the siteAnother Pay Per Download like sharecash and I make more than $ 500 of their, and I nowwant to work with FileIce I hope the FileIce to consider my submissions and can accept me as a member
Thank You..!!!

And Then Click “ Submit”

- Check Your Email to Verify Your Email :

you just wait for an email reply from the fileice about 24-48 hours.
after you receivedyou can simply upload a file to start making money

Good Luck…!!!

And Thank You..!!


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